Limbo... Hasta que lo decida (2022–)

- LIMBO... Until I Decide (LIMBO… hasta que lo decida)


Sofia is a young millionaire who seems to have it all: a glamorous life, a family that indulges her every whim, and great friends who are her accomplices in a daring lifestyle that only a few privileged people can experience. When her father passes away, she must return o Buenos Aires, her birth home, and face a rich legacy that includes her family business, rivalry with her two brothers and one arching her father's well-kept secrets. Moved by her desire to show she can be more than just a high maintenance girl, Sofia will begin a wild ride, full of stumbles, but also revelations. The faults that have always been her trademark in a bad way, will become powerful weapons he will use in her favor while her goals grow in parallel to her self-confidence. Sofia will succeed, and she will transform her surroundings and her destiny through unorthodox strategies.

Limbo... Hasta que lo decida ( LIMBO... Until I Decide )

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