Volga: Mother of Rivers (2019–2020)

- Realm of the Volga (Realm of the Volga)


The Volga is a myth, a unique river of superlatives and the natural lifeline of Russia. With a length of more than 3,500 kilometers, it is the most powerful and water-rich river in Europe. Their catchment area is larger than France, Spain and Portugal combined. While all the other great rivers on earth flow into an ocean, the Volga fills its own sea, the largest inland lake on earth, the Caspian Sea. On the way there it flows through rustic forest areas, through wide steppes and dry semi-deserts, each of which is home to a unique wildlife. In three years of filming and on countless expeditions, the Altayfilm team and their Russian colleagues managed to capture the fascinating stream in grandiose pictures and to fully portray it for the first time. Opulent pictures and breathtaking aerial photographs alternate with animal behavior that has rarely been documented before, told with fine humor and a special lightness.

Volga: Mother of Rivers ( Realm of the Volga )

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