The Storytellers in the Living Room (2017)

- The Storytellers in the Living Room (The Storytellers in the Living Room)

Within the physical confines of every home, lies an enchanting plethora of stories. From a teenaged daughter's hushed romantic phone conversations to the struggles of being a modern, smart woman in a terribly skewered world; each wall becomes the backdrop of fascinating stories that no one outside ever knows. Imagine if we threw open the door, and gave you a ticket to the one room where these stories come together. Imagine if you stood, in The Living Room. Kommune has always gone the distance to bring you the most magical stories from every end of the country. But with The Living Room, we take storytelling to a whole new level. One room. An intimate, warm ambience perfect for a night of heart-to- heart tales that will change your life. The only invitees? The special few- a few celebrities, a couple of magical storytellers and of course, me and you.

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