Die K├Ąnguru-Verschw├Ârung (2022)

- The Kangaroo Conspiracy (Die K├Ąnguru-Verschw├Ârung)


The cabaret artist Marc-Uwe and the kangaroo are faced with a problem: Lisbeth, the mother of Maria has taken a wrong turn somewhere and is now denying the climate crisis on the Internet. How can she be brought to her senses? The two make a bet with each other: If they don't manage to bring Maria's mother to her senses, they will lose their apartment. So Marc-Uwe and the marsupial embark on a trip to the Conspiracy Convention in Bielefeld and shortly thereafter become part of a tangible conspiracy led by conspiracy guru Adam Krieger and his followers. As the two flatmates talk their heads off, it's no longer just about their apartment for Marc-Uwe and the kangaroo, it's more than that: it's a matter of life and death! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Die K├Ąnguru-Verschw├Ârung ( The Kangaroo Conspiracy )

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