Baishe Srabon (2011)

- ২২শে শ্রাবণ (২২শে শ্রাবণ)


Several murders have taken place through out the city of Kolkata. A Serial killer is believed to be responsible. The mods operandi being that the killer always caries out the murder according to verses in Bengali poetry. He leaves behind the verses next to the victim. The police are baffled. There lead detective struggles to solve the case. This leads to his superiors deciding to bring back an ex-cop to help solve the case. The ex-cop was suspended for orchestrating a fake encounter and is well known for his bad temperament. Now the ex-cop and the lead detective must work together to catch the serial killer before another innocent loses his life.

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Baishe Srabon ( ২২শে শ্রাবণ )

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