Caveman - Der Kinofilm (2021)

- Caveman - Der Kinofilm (Caveman - Der Kinofilm)


It should be the big day of Rob Becker (Moritz Bleibtreu). The unsuccessful car salesman wanted to be a comedian as a child and now finally has the chance to prove himself at the local comedy club's Openmic evening. He already has the perfect topic ready for his program: Rob recently met the caveman - his imaginary friend from the Stone Age. Since then, Rob has enjoyed exchanging ideas with this ancient caveman and believes that, thanks to his alter ego, he can finally better understand the difference between men and women, the hunters and gatherers. But there is a problem - and that is Claudia M├╝ller (Laura Tonke) and is married to Rob. After Claudia left him in an argument and only 15 minutes before his big performance, Rob dragged himself onto the stage and spontaneously changed his program.

Caveman - Der Kinofilm ( Caveman - Der Kinofilm )

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