En Manaivi (1942)

- என் மனைவி (En Manaivi)


Suspicion and Mistaken Identity blend well into this plot line; first pair is Dr. Vembu Iyer (K. Sarangapani) and his wife, Chellam (Chellam) and the second is, Mr. Dhanabal Gupta (K.Mahadevan) and wife Ravathi (M.K.Meenalochani). Vembu iyer is having a free dispensary, helping his patients. One day, Revathi goes unconscious in front Dr. Vembu iyer's clinic and the suspicion gets into the pairs. Mistaken identity gets in as Chellam looks over the balcony the pair in the street and Dhanabal Gupta's photo in the street, left behind by Revathi. Sequence of comedies comes in and finally, Revathi's mother straightens the estranged pairs; ends well in light of laughter of their own suspicion.

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En Manaivi ( என் மனைவி )

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