I fratelli De Filippo (2021)

- I fratelli De Filippo (I fratelli De Filippo)


Starts off too slow and too dense.Definitely a well-studied biopic and the attention to detail shows itself, but I got the feeling that they were aiming at existing buffs of the De Filippo family, rather than trying to capture the interest of average or clueless viewers.A more striking way of opening up the story could have helped embrace younger generations. That is not to say that anachronic stuff should be welcome - they had plenty of time to build up the mood by making the trio feel closer to us, which just did not happen. It felt like there was a layer of mist between the characters and us.I believe better cinematic rapport could be possible while still covering the history of Italian theatre in a touching-yet-educational way.

I fratelli De Filippo ( I fratelli De Filippo )

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