The Sky Hunters (1915)

- The Sky Hunters (The Sky Hunters)


Walt Benton, leader of a mysterious band of moonshiners and thieves calling themselves "The Sky Hunters," vows to raise his daughter as a boy because he had wanted a boy to perpetuate the Benton reign. Fifteen years pass. The father dies. The girl is put in his place, as a man, called Konkawa. The Secret Service sends Steve Jackson into the mountains to rout out the Sky Hunters. He meets Konkawa and arouses her suspicions. They struggle in the darkened room. Steve realizes he is not struggling with a man and turns her cheek to his and laughingly kisses her. With the woman in her awakened and with Steve's stories of the women back in the city in her mind, she loses her bitterness and her face melts into the softness of a woman's. She allows Steve to get away because of this feeling. His coming has disrupted the band, however, as the leaders destroy their haunts, fearing the return of more officials. Steve wires Washington that he has failed in his plan and is coming in to plan a new attack. He takes the train that night. The remnants of the Sky Hunters, revengeful and armed, head off the train, and bind and gag Steve at the side of the road. In the meantime the girl is having the first woman's battle of her life. She wants Steve but she also respects her oath to her father. However, she finally gives in to her love, having learned that the Sky Hunters are hopelessly disbanded. At the railway track she unbinds Steve. Later the girl is shown in feminine clothing back in "their" home at Washington.

The Sky Hunters ( The Sky Hunters )

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