Moments of Campaign (2015)

- Moments of Campaign (Moments of Campaign)


17th February 2013, Rafael Correa wins the elections and becomes President of Ecuador for the 3rd time. 42 days before he embarks on a frenzied campaign to the rhythm of speeches and songs. Rally after rally and interview after interview, Rafael Correa and his team tour the country. In his busy schedule he barely has time to shoot campaign ads and analyze opinion polls. Correa never seems to tire, amid the crowds he never refuses to shake hands with his supporters or smile for a picture. After ever public act in contract there is a pause, but the Candidate - President keeps on working. Every now and then he takes a rest and shares moments with his team. The film advances with Rafael Correa and his company, showing the before and after of a rally, the behind-the-scenes of campaign ad shoots, as well as interview outtakes. Thus, the camera finds its place on the move, pays attention to the downtime, looks for the moments when everything isn't under control. In capturing these moments the dual nature of the public figure is revealed. In gestures, words and glances the human side emerges, which although hidden, is always there. Photographed in black and white, far from the campaign colours, the documentary distances itself from the vain representation of power and the sarcasm of the press. More than just being a record of a specific historical event in Ecuador "Moments of Campaign" reflects on contemporary forms of political life and its "mise-en-scene".

Moments of Campaign ( Moments of Campaign )

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