Gentleman (1993)

- ஜென்டில்மேன் (ஜென்டில்மேன்)


A story of a modern day Robin Hood who takes from the corrupted rich to provide education for the poor. Krishnamoorthy alias Kicha is a respected person in his local community and runs a small business. But Kicha, at the same time, is also a undercover robber.He is accompanied by his friend Mani Goundamani. He has stolen millions of rupees from many victims. The home minister and the police are adamant to catch this mysterious robber yet are unsuccessful. Susheela, a simple Brahmin girl working under Kicha falls for him. Charan Raj is an efficient Police officer who takes charge to nab Kichaa, at one instance Charan Raj challenges to really catch him and makes a plan.

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Kirala - Satın Al
Gentleman ( ஜென்டில்மேன் )

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