Nova Lituania (2019)

- Nova Lituania (Nova Lituania)


It's late 1930's. Foreseeing the upcoming war in Europe, Lithuanian geographer Feliksas Gruodis comes up with an idea to save his country by establishing a Lithuanian colony overseas. The plan is a massive exodus to the so called "Reserve Lithuania" in case of occupation. Feliksas tries to sell his idea to one of the most important persons of the state - a grey cardinal of the president, the prime minister Jonas Servus. Dismissing the idea at first, soon the prime minister experiences a heart stroke as the country gets the first signs of war at it's borders. As the president uses his illness to turn him into a scapegoat, the already ex-prime minister gets back to Feliksas, persuades him to reveal his plan and offers his help. The hope to implement the plan doesn't bring much light to Feliksas' personal life. Him and his wife, a childless couple, live in a stiff and cold relationship. As Feliksas finds a fulfilment in his utopia, his wife Veronika finds no way to diminish her loneliness. As Feliksas' political dream comes to realisation, his marriage approaches a collapse. As the country loses the first piece of it's territory, ex-prime minister decides that the only way to implement the plan is to overthrow the president with the help of the military. He invites Feliksas to spend the last night at his home, together with his family. The ideal picture of it makes Feliksas to drop his plan at the last minute and try to save his personal life instead of saving the country.

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Nova Lituania ( Nova Lituania )

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