At All Costs (1995)

- Coûte que coûte (Coûte que coûte)


A small company valiantly struggles to survive under the respectful yet probing camera of Claire Simon in “At All Costs.” s the docu opens, founder and manager Jihad is off to see his banker. The lack of ready cash to pay his loyal employees, wholesale produce providers and a whole range of other creditors, including the tax-gobbling French government, is omnipresent. From a staff of 14, Jihad is down to three cooks, one delivery driver and a secretary in less than six months. The good-natured pluck of the remaining employees is at the heart of the film. Subterfuges for putting up a brave united front include scheduling food orders from a coin-operated pay phone when the office phone is cut off for nonpayment.

At All Costs ( Coûte que coûte )

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