Janjan (2007)

- Janjan (Janjan)


The intellectually hindered Janjan Berk Hakman lives in a town in Anatolien. It is 35 years old. After a heavy accident in the mining, it remains for 2 days in the pit. Through it it loses its intellect. Although Janjans handicap is accepted by the majority, it stretches sometimes also negative reactions of the inhabitants on. The majority of the men of the city works in Germany. To go the men who did not create it, to Germany, work either in the mining or are unemployed. The town is a typical "German countries-city". Everywhere one sees have German cars or the cars German marks. In the businesses, one finds are German household ware and the signs of the businesses usually in German. In the trade is chosen as a currency of the Euros very. The houses are equipped full with German electronic devices. The inhabitants speak partially German and see German telecasts per satellite. Nevertheless the inhabitants are very conservative because of its religious tradition. Opposites of the European culture are it very reservedly. Janjans of only relative is its Ahmet Aykut Kayacik older brother. It lives in a large city in Germany and operates there a Döner snack. It lives with his wife Ulrike Mirja Mahir and the joint daughter Yasemin Sila Sahin, who is old 16 years. When it went to Germany, it left behind removed its brother Janjan in the care one relative by the name of Murtaza Çetin Öner and sends this since then monthly money for Janjans support. The old Murteza saves the money that it gets for Janjans support. With the saved money, it buys itself a young woman out of a nearly lain village. The parents of the woman are very poor. That selected is named Güzel Selen Seyven and like its name it purports, is it very pretty. After the religious wedding Murteza does not bring the bride home. Güzel impresses Janjan very. Murteza, that already impotent is, cannot sleep with Güzel. However it conceals it. Murteza neglects Güzel permanently and this leads in addition that Güzel contact constructs to Janjan. A friendship begins. The extraordinary beauty Güzels spread itself quickly in the environment. One speaks over the older man and his beautiful wife. Murteza forbids to go Güzel out of the house. The friendship between Güzel and Janjan goes so far that both one day together sleep. Güzel becomes pregnant. Ahmet has no more quiet in Germany. It bought its Döner snack with the financial support of a radically religious organization and pays for that regularly a share of the receipts at this organization. Through Ulrikes influence, Ahmet turns towards more from day to day of the organization the back. The organization threatens to give notice it its snack. The daughter grown up between two cultures Yasemin fights much with its father. One speaks in the environment over Güzels pregnancy. Everyone know that the child is of Janjan. That makes Murteza furiously. And the inhabitants are of the opinion that an illegitimate child is a "shame". Especially the jealous young men of the place stand against Janjan. Murteza hurls Janjan out of its house. Janjan finds lodging in a come down house. Ahmet has the threats of the radically religious organization satisfied. It sells its Döner snack and leaves Germany with its family toward Turkey. Its goals are, to visit first its brother and are to be begun later in Istanbul a new life. Its child to the world brings Güzel. The jealous boys attack Janjan and set the house in which Janjan peddles, on fire. Janjan can rescue itself before the flames. In order to get rid of Güzel and its child, asks Murteza Güzels parents to itself and wants to send back Güzel again. When Ahmet with its family in the village arrives, it learns quickly the entire events. Before Güzel with its child is sent back into the parental home, Janjan emerges and rescues Güzel and its joint child. They escape. A surprise waits for the three.

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Janjan ( Janjan )

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