Plastic and Glass (2009)

- Plastic and Glass (Plastic and Glass)


In a recycling factory in the north of France the machines dance, the workers join in song, and the truckdrivers almost do a ballet. The film shows the process of recycling by impressive machines and by hand. We hear the noise that accompagnies this process. Slowly the factory noise be- comes a rhythm and a truckdriver starts to sing a song for his love. He wants to build an island with the materials at hand, where they can be together to ‘sort things out ‘. In this crossover between documentary and musical it is the filmmakers aim to merge image and sound in such a way that the one cannot exist without the other. Inspired by the recordings of Alan Lomax and the films of Jacques Tati, the result is a sculptural and informative documentary and at the same time a musical film with a sticky song .

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Plastic and Glass ( Plastic and Glass )

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