9 Muses of Star Empire (2012)

- 나인뮤지스; 그녀들의 서바이벌 (나인뮤지스; 그녀들의 서바이벌)


After initially sweeping through Asia, Korean pop music has now taken the world by storm led by the likes of SNSD, JYP and PSY. Take a look behind the scenes of the formation and debut of the 9 member girl group, Nine Muses, in a documentary that gives a glaring insight into the world of K-pop. Follow a year long journey with the Model Idols, as they have been called, and their management label, the relatively small in stature Star Empire, leading up to the group’s debut and emergence in the K-pop charts. Covering everything from dance lessons, recording sessions and the physical and psychological toll on the girls, the film reveals the lengths the girls must go to achieve their dream, to become K-Idols.

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Kirala - Satın Al
9 Muses of Star Empire ( 나인뮤지스; 그녀들의 서바이벌 )

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