Rent a Family Inc. (2012)

- Lej en familie A/S/ (Lej en familie A/S/)


Ryuichi runs a small Japanese company "I Want To Cheer You Up Ltd" operating it from his mobile phone and his laptop. He rents out people: family members, friends, colleagues or others, to help other people hide their secrets and make their life look better of just ...perfectly normal. On the surface Ryuichi has an ordinary family life. He is 44 years old, married and father of two (always video-gaming) boys, and he has an ordinary 9 to 5 job. However Ryuchi is most happy and thriving when he is at work impersonating as someone else's family. His own family has no knowledge of this and he therefore lives a double life himself. Will Ryuchi succeed in maintaining his secret or will he realize that helping others, requires the courage to help himself and expose his secret double life to his family?

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Rent a Family Inc. ( Lej en familie A/S/ )

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