A Swingin' Trio (2011)

- Eş Değiştiren Üçlü (A Swingin' Trio)


Homer Garcon is an unpublished and frustrated science fiction writer living off the success of his wife, Trude Garcon-Moore, a busy Hollywood producer. As a result, he finds himself "trapped" in lavish surroundings - his luxury jail - and with publisher rejection letters piling high, Homer has convinced himself of his wife's infidelity. Phillips' darkly-comic script follows Homer as he dives into the prickly territories of self-awareness and self pity, in his quest to find the truth about his possibly cheating wife--and himself--all at a Valentine's Day dinner decidedly set for three. A largely dialogue-driven film, A Swingin' Trio is about four things: love, music, betrayal, and one really good dinner.

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A Swingin' Trio ( Eş Değiştiren Üçlü )

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