Amatör Hayat (2022)

- Amatör Hayat (Amatör Hayat)


Ayhan Varol, Turkey's best football player, missed the flight of a camp he was supposed to attend. While his manager, Sadi, was angry at this situation and was going to arrange a private plane for him, he said that he would catch up with his luxury car and took off. On his way out, he crashes into a tree and loses his memory to avoid hitting a cow that gets lost in his way. The headman of Dertliler village who found him and Cemal, one of the men next to him, recognizes him and says that he is a very good football player. Mukhtar, on the other hand, established a football team for the recognition of the village and struggles to get into the league. When he learns that Ayhan is a good football player, he gives him a new name and convinces him that he is Murat. Murat tries to keep up with the village and falls in love with the beautiful girl of the village, Huri. Missing football player Ayhan Varol, who made headlines all over Turkey, is finally found by his manager. In the turmoil between the villagers and his manager, Ayhan regains his memory with a blow to the head and returns to his old life. But he still has not forgotten Huri. Ayhan suddenly decides to go back to the village and marry Huri.

Amatör Hayat ( Amatör Hayat )

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