Nee Enthan Vaanam (2000)

Nee Enthan Vaanam

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The film begins with three terrorists robbing an armoured government van full of cash, in the process, they kill the police officers in the vehicle. The police department is now looking for the three culprits, the police even set monetary reward offered to whoever catches the wanted criminals. Prakash (Rocky), the head of the terrorist group, has no choice but to take refuge in Pasumalai forest with his partners Siva and Guna. According to a reliable source, the police department under the orders of Sathya (Vignesh) and Alex Pandian (Charan Raj) set a camp in the forest. Sathya is an upright and calm sub-inspector while Alex Pandian is a disrespectful inspector. In Pasumalai forest, a small tribal group lives there and the tribe welcomes the police force with respect. Thereafter, Sathya falls in love at first sight with the tribal girl Meenu (Reshma), Meenu eventually accepts his love. In the meantime, the tribal women are mysteriously killed one by one the night. Sathya first suspects Alex Pandian (Charan Raj) who has this irreverent attitude toward women. Prakash who prowls around in the forest has an eye on the tribal women. Afterwards, Sathya finds a treehouse in the middle of the forest and finds the killer's personal diary. In the past, Dheepan (Bhaskar), the killer, was a happily married man but he had sexual problems. His wife Megha had an affair with his best friend. When Dheepan knew about their affair, he killed them both and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Dheepan then managed to escape from jail and he became a member of the tribe. Dheepan next target is none other than Sathya's lover Meenu. The rest of the story is how Sathya and Alex Pandian arrest the three terrorists and the misogynist psychopath Deepan.

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